Melinda Cochrane/ Sharlet Emmett

Image features Sharlet Emmett, daughter of Melinda Cochrane & Tim Emmett

Personal Profile: Melinda Cochrane

Years Living In Tongala: 22

Family Members Living in Tongala: Anne Cochrane (Mother), Brian Cochrane (Father), Sharlet Emmet (Daughter) and Tim Emmett (fiance)

Why did you move to Tongala?: My parents moved us here from Broadmeadows to get a bit of country life and i had a pony which i could ride more often here.

What is it you like most about the town?: The friendliness. Even nearby towns arent as friendly and you can walk anywhere and feel safe.

What would you say is the biggest change or has had the greatest impact on Tongala in the last 20 years?: Probably the closing of Nestle as it brought the town back together and i can remember when there was a big party down at Nestle for the natural gas being run through town.


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