Nicholas Chavonitis

Image of Nicholas Chavonitis

Years living in Tongala: 13

Why did you move here?: I was recommended by friends

What is it you like most about the town?: Everthing! The town has a lot of things, the clubs- football, tennis, netball and swimming. Also the farms, banks, supermarket, butchers, community centre, chemist, doctors, schools and churches. Tongala is everything a small town should be!

Nicks Story

I arrived in Tongala in 1999, I lived in the Tongala caravan park for a few years after coming from Melbourne. I got the opportunity to join the house of restoration, a non government organisation looking after street kids, alcoholics and drug abusers. We were running it from the old hospital on the corner of Cavill and Miller St for a few years.

In 2005 i was also involved in the Tongala Football/Netball club, I was a glorified water boy for the Seniors and the Reserves. I loved it! These guys and girls are the future of Tongala. I was wrapped to be a part of it in 2007!

After volunteering in the Op shop we started in or around 2005/2006 i was asked to be the president of the Op Shop in 2007. We were in the old supermarket on the corner of Mangan and St James St, It was owned by Fred Roberts. He was great and really looked after us. Then we were away and running, it was a time i really cherished. A chance to be a part of the great town i call home. It was great, the whole town was behind the Op Shop, we were blessed to be a part of it. The local businesses also played a big part in the success.

In 2004 i also had the chance to occupy a flat owned and run by the Anglican Church, I am still indebted to them to this day. Another blessing, in finishing, is that i can now sit back and say that finally I am a part of this great town called Tongala.


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