Peter & Kaylene Craig

Image of Peter and Kaylene Craig

Why did you move here?

Both originally growing up in Tongala, after 19 years away we had the opportunity through work relocation to return, allowing our kids to grow up with & enjoy their extended family.  

What is it you like most about the town?

It is where we grew up, our closest friends and family live here, and nowhere else even comes close to comparing with home.

Nowhere else on earth can compete with the clear sky of a Goulburn Valley autumn day!

Tongala has been good to our family, and it is nice to be able to contribute something in return.


What would be the biggest change / or has had the greatest impact on Tongala in the last 20 years?

Without doubt, the long term effects of an extended period of drought on such a productive dairying community.

When arriving back here in 1999, Eildon was full and dairyfarmers where scaled to 150% water allocations.

Then as the drought set in & Eildon fell below 35%, water allocations reduced , cattle culling increased, borrowing for fodder against the value of water increased over several seasons, then after culling off lifelong cattle bloodlines, the final selling off  of water out of the region to the point where dry paddocks now link from the Campaspe at Nannella across to the Goulburn at Mooroopna.

We never thought this would be possible in our lifetime, let alone within a 10 year period.


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