Cris Todd

  • I grew up in Tongala for 20 years, living with my family before moving to Bendigo, I now live in Shepparton and work in Echuca in community Services. My parents are still living in the house I grow up in today. I was part of the CFA in Tongala from the age of 10 before becoming a fire fighter at the age of 16 this was something I loved and walking down to training every Tuesday night.
    Growing up in Tongala holds a special place in my life, it was a town where everyone knew everyone (sometimes this could of been a bad thing if you were planning on getting up to no good with friends) I have many memories and most of them are spending time with my mates.
    Living in a small town gave us the freedom to be able to do what we like, walk down the street and spend time out late at the night because our parents knew we were safe.

    Going back to the town now it’s changed in the fact there are so many people I don’t know which is good as it means people are moving to the town, but it is also good to see a lot of familiar faces when I go and visit.

    I don’t think I could ever move to Melbourne or a big city after growing up in a small country town it just doesn’t have the same feeling and community feel in Tongala you walk past someone you don’t know you nod smile and say hello you don’t get that in a big city.