Artist Profile: Shaun C Mackrell

Shaun Mackrell is a contemporary photographic artist living in central Victoria. His work centers around an exploration of the notion of an individuals connection to space and the modern domicile.

Fascinated with the historical relevance of the vernacular image as historical document and sentimental reference to life past he utilises the inherent vernacular representation and overlays it with highly staged lighting for a reference extant to the core notions of presence, time and possession.

Subtle plays on the antipodean nature of our society are never far far from the fore just as they are always neatly tucked at the back of our nations collective consciousness.




Sublime (2010) Group

In Another Light (2010) Solo

Seeing Is Believing (2010) Group

Art In the Port (2011) Group

We’re Still Here (2012) Solo




Bachelor Visual Art (Photography): La Trobe

Grad Cert Art Management: Deakin

Bachelor Strategic Communications (Current): La Trobe



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